Rick and Rondi

It began as a weekend hobby when Rick & Rondi were inspired by a dj at a corporate party and decided it was something they could do as well. A bass player at the time, Rick used his band’s equipment, bulky speakers, mixer, and lights for their first event, an annual employee Christmas party in 1999. Just a few months later, they dj’d their first wedding.

By taking a very unique husband and wife approach to their business, it allows both gender perspectives at every event. And they enjoy the time they spend together hosting events as a couple. 

Rondi’s background in the corporate world, including banking and insurance, have allowed her to apply those skills full time, sharing in the daily operations of dB extreme with Rick.

Rick has always had a lifelong love of music. The days of high school band, choir, and even a college music major for awhile led him into the live country/rock band scene for many years.

Rick and Rondi have been instrumental in introducing new services and trends to the local market and now provide much more than just dj services. From elegant lighting and backdrops to photo booths, they are committed to making sure your event is an experience to remember!

Justin and Becca

dB extreme was founded in 1999, but that wasn't the only thing established that year. At the time, Justin & Becca were two 15-year-olds in their church youth group. As young adults, they quickly 'fell in love' and shared a short-lived romance. Nearly 10 years later they reconnected through the wonderful world of Facebook. They fell in love, FOR REAL this time and tied the knot in 2014, officially becoming the second husband & wife team for dB extreme.

Justin's journey with dB extreme actually began in 2008 as a roadie. Justin would tag along to events and help set up & tear down, watching, learning, and taking mental notes. Music was a huge part of Justin's life growing up and he loved to perform. Watching Rick & Rondi reignited his desire to be a performer. Now his ultimate goal as a DJ & Master of Ceremonies is to make sure you receive all of the attention, honor, and love you deserve on your special day and to make sure your guests have a great time all night long, too!

Becca's road to becoming an Entertainment Hostess began with the planning stages of their wedding. Becca's love and passion for her wedding experience now drives her to make sure every bride & groom enjoy that same wonderful bliss.