School Events

dB extreme has been providing entertainment at proms & dances since 2000. And now, some of our former prom-goers are working with us again for their weddings & special events! We love being able to provide a fun atmosphere for creating those special memories!

Our High School and College events are built around two basic fundamentals:

*Providing the right music and atmosphere for the students.

*Working with school administration on expectations and musical boundaries to provide teachers, sponsors, and parents with peace of mind.



"I have truly enjoyed working with Rick and Rondi for more years than I can count. As a prom sponsor, I can honestly say they made my job so much easier. They anticipated and fixed problems before I was even aware of them, and one can tell that they love what they do. They are organized, caring, and professional. They are always on the cutting edge with the newest trends and strive to make their clients' events special. When it came to choosing a dj for my daughter's upcoming wedding, there was simply no question that we would book Rick and Rondi to take care of all the details. They are the best!"
- Judy Goetz, HHS Prom Sponsor